Barton Russell Group Services

Our key service offerings are intended to make small towns better places in which to work, live and do business, and to help clients do good while doing well. These include:

Community engagement programs
The Barton Russell Group specializes in the design and management of strategic alliance and relationship-building programs that provide clients high value impact – at the grassroots level and nationally.

“Main Street” revitalization solutions
BRG’s unparalleled understanding of the obstacles faced by small communities, our background in Harvesting Hometown Jobs and with the Thriving Hometowns Network, make us a perfect partner for companies seeking effective solutions to local economic development challenges where they do business.

Communications and public relations strategies
BRG has decades of combined experience in running award-winning communications, public relations and media programs, and can provide clients successful strategies and support in implementing their small town initiatives.

Grassroots mobilization initiatives
Understanding the small town environment is critical to building grassroots support and running successful advocacy programs, and BRG can help ensure clients' local initiatives attain desired results.

Government and community relations support
BRG’s extensive experience and outreach capabilities with state and national governmental organizations and municipalities can help clients make valuable connections at all levels to support specific goals.

Reputation management programs
Organizations looking to build or enhance their reputations at the local level will find BRG’s expertise a critical component for achieving their goals.

Hometown America marketing concepts
BRG’s unparalleled knowledge of the small town marketplace, combined with the specific skills of our team, makes us the perfect advisor to help clients more effectively reach this target audience.

Small town America travel and tourism
BRG's proprietary platform provides clients that have a stake in the hospitality industry and the off-the-beaten-path travel marketplace a powerful vehicle for promoting business interests while shining a spotlight on extraordinary people and places in non-metropolitan areas throughout the country.