BRG Team Testimonials

Bart Russell

"Barton Russell is the voice of small town America."
Former President of the United States

"Barton Russell is a nationally recognized expert on small town issues and we were extremely fortunate to have his firm serve our communities... Mr. Russell's firm also developed our Business Associates Program, which gives local government leaders a unique opportunity to interact with representative of companies doing business in the small town and municipal marketplace."
Laura Francis, Chief Elected Official, Town of Durham, CT; Board Member, Council of Small Towns

"Barton Russell brings passion, insights and organizational smarts to even the most complex projects. His sense of politics is keen. No matter what the issue, all parties come away valuing Bart's role as an honest broker, a straight-talking facilitator and trust worthy deal maker."
Bill Sklar, Senior Strategist, Russell Public Communications; former Senior Vice President, Burson-Marsteller/DC

"Barton Russell is a great leader of diverse groups of people. His greatest asset is his ability to see unity when all others see disorder."
Carl Stephani, author The New City Manager and Planning Cities 101; co-author, Cities Going Green

Ken Sternad

“Ken Sternad is – without question – one of the most brilliant and strategic minds in corporate and organizational communication today. He has that uncanny ability to boil down complex issues and challenges into simple clear messages and actions that resonate, engage and influence. And his reach goes well beyond the high-profile organizations he’s served, but also to the hundreds of professionals he’s mentored, developed and inspired over the years.”
Steve Soltis, Group Director Executive and Employee Communication, The Coca-Cola Company

"Ken is a gifted practitioner, who is able to counsel C-suite executives and to work easily in today's dispersed media environment."
Richard Edelman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Edelman Public Relations

Bruce Rosenthal

“As a sponsor, I truly appreciate Bruce Rosenthal’s approach and his ability to develop “win-win” opportunities. The sponsorship Bruce developed has been an easy renewal each year because I’m able to show clear ROI. Bruce’s ideas don’t create sales leads - they foster relationships which then generate revenue.”
Amy Knightley, BKD CPAs & Advisors

"Bruce was successful in succinctly defining the intangible, strategic, and leadership attributes of the corporate partnership program, resulting in an enormous amount of value for corporate partners." 
Zachary Sikes, President, Expansion LLC; Bruce’s supervisor at LeadingAge when Bruce served as Vice President of Corporate Partnerships

"What I valued most in working with Bruce was his ability to transform corporate sponsors into ongoing corporate partnerships. For the corporations, the benefit was a strategic plan that would contribute to their long-term goals.”
Sharon Hadary, Former and Founding Executive Director, Center for Women Business Owners; Bruce’s supervisor at the Center

Dave Fearon

"I've known and worked with Dr. David Fearon for almost 25 years. He's an extraordinary professional and scholar whose experiences have been woven into highly acclaimed business management courses that have helped train students to expect and manage for business excellence. His book, Inside Knowledge: rediscovering the source of performance improvement (5 star review on Amazon), reflects Dave's ability to help clients incorporate powerful business improvement theories into practical problem-solving and opportunity development strategies. Our organization is proud of its legacy association with Dr. Fearon through the Fearon-Juran Managing for Business Excellence Scholarship which provides grants to students with 'notable promise to become indispensable to organizations focused on excellence sustained by quality management."
Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo, Chairman Juran Global

"Dr. Fearon is a passionate man who both cares deeply and gives accordingly of his time and talents.  As one of our earliest board members for reSET, an organization designed to promote social enterprise in Connecticut, Dave was not only a cheerleader but a doer and mentor.   He has a professor’s sense of storytelling and helped me to make sure that we were able to articulate the value of social enterprise to our many constituents and also helped to spread the word about this new way of doing business to people who might otherwise not have known about it."
Kate Emery, CEO of The Walker Group and Chairperson of reSET Connecticut Social Enterprise Trust

"David “Doc” Fearon has devoted his distinguished academic and public service career to caring for students and preparing them for success in a multitude of industries.  Doc’s students effectively transition from the classroom to the workforce because they acquire, through a variety of interactive teaching methodologies, the skills, knowledge, and abilities to be business “athletes”.  That is, they are prepared to overcome challenges and succeed in a variety of settings.  Complementing Doc’s teaching is his own willingness to learn through interaction with the business community.  His continued fascination with understanding the business environment enhances his ability to educate thoughtful and responsible future business leaders."
Christopher Gilligan, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Central Connecticut State University